• Papuan Planifolia

        Papuan planifolia offers a rich, warm vanilla flavor profile with subtle hints of leather, wood, and delicate sweetness. This versatility makes it the quintessential vanilla, known for its classic essence.

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      • Papuan Tahitensis

        Papuan tahitensis, or Tahitian vanilla, unfolds with a captivating blend of delicate floral notes alongside hints of licorice, cherry, and a touch of spice. This aromatic profile opens with a bold presence, making it a prized ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes.

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      • Flores Planifolia

        Our Flores Planifolia is an in-house specialty and a true rarity among vanilla beans. Echoing the rich flavors of its Papuan counterpart, it boasts a distinctly sharper opening. Earthy undertones and a lingering hint of banana that adds complexity to this versatile vanilla. Due to its exceptional quality and extremely limited availability, pre-harvest reservations are highly encouraged to secure your supply.